Choose from our 6 styles of sterling silver bracelets to begin tailor making your ideal piece of unique fingerprint jewellery or hand/footprint jewellery...

Our range of sterling silver bracelets caters for all. Whether you prefer something more delicate, then go for our belcher style bracelet or if you're a lover of chunky silver jewellery then our chunky cable link or gathered link bracelet will definitely suit your style.

Add to your bracelet one of our beautiful fingerprint or mini hand or footprint charms! Your child's hand or footprint miniaturised and cast into silver… a wonderful way to wear something totally unique to your child and keep a part of them close to you all the time…

  1. Belcher Bracelet
  2. Rectangular Link
  3. Chunky Cable Link Bracelet
  4. Gathered Link
  1. Chunky Gathered Link