Golden Jewels

If your preference is for gold then our range of fine imprinted golden charms will definitely suit your style. We produce both gold plated and solid gold charms. Our gold plated charms are made from pure silver and coated with a luxurious 24ct rich yellow gold plate. The charms come on a 9ct yellow gold jump ring. The ring is unsoldered for ease of attachment to your own jewellery. We produce a range of gold plated charms and necklaces. The large charms can be purchased with a 9ct yellow gold necklace. If you’d like to order an 18ct chain then please send us an email and we will get back to you with a quote.

Our solid gold charms are made from 22ct yellow gold. Many of the fine silver pieces on this site can be made from solid gold. If you’d like a quote for a piece then please send me an email.