Paw Prints

Our new range or beautiful polished Paw Print jewellery is a fantastic way or capturing the print of your four legged friend and preserving it forever in fine polished silver. These miniature replicas make perfect keepsakes for any animal lover. Their print is miniaturised and captured in silver. The pieces can be engraved with your pets’ name and age. These make truly wonderful keepsakes to cherish forever.

Choose from a key ring, a pendant on a chain, a charm, cufflinks or a personalised pet id tag to begin creating your own totally unique piece of Paw Print Jewellery.

The process is very straight forward. Firstly select from the product range below the piece you’d like to have made. Upon receipt of your order we will dispatch to you within 48 hours an impression kit. By following the simple instructions take your pets’ paw print and return to us in the pre-paid envelope. Upon receipt of the paw prints we will get to work and create your own totally unique piece of precious Paw Print Jewellery.

  1. Deluxe Keyring
  2. Pendant on a chain
  3. Chunky charm
  4. Cufflinks
  1. Pet Identity Tag