Written in Silver

Our fabulous new range Written in silver is a fantastic way of preserving your child’s first hand writing. Their hand writing miniaturised and set in silver. Whether it be a pendant with their name written in their own hand writing, or a key ring with a short message e.g. ‘we love daddy x’ ‘ For our mummy x’ or how about a pair of cufflinks for him to show off in the office and wear with pride bearing a short message all written in their child’s own hand writing. Choose from a key ring, a pendant on a chain, or a pair of cufflinks to begin creating your own totally unique piece of jewellery capturing your child’s own hand writing.

The process is very straight forward. Firstly select from the product range below the piece you’d like to have made. All we then need is your child’s writing. Please get your child to write their name/message with a black fine felt tip pen. Please either email a jpeg file, or send by post a photocopy of the writing. Please do not send the original. Remember to include your full name and address with your order. Upon receipt of the writing we will get to work and create your own totally unique piece of jewellery.

  1. Cufflinks
  2. Pendant on a chain
  3. Keyring